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June 2014 Newsletter
Mint App- Smart phone, tablet or computer
Do you have children or grandchildren in their 20’s or 30’s? Jack and Mike wanted me to introduce you to the Mint app which might be something that helps spark an interest in their finances.
Mint is a user free friendly tool to track financial planning. You can download the Mint app on any smart phone or tablet and via Mint is a one-stop shop that allows you to see all your accounts in one place such as investment, checking and savings accounts.

To get started you simply create an account and perform a one-time set up linking Mint to your various accounts. Mint then automatically categorizes your transactions into plain English making each expenditure easy to read. The budgeting tool is automatically set by historical spending patterns or you can personally create a budget for Mint to monitor. Mint will show you where your money is and how it was spent through easy to read graphs and charts. Alerts and reminders such as billing reminders, budget warnings and even fee alerts can be sent through email or text. The system is protected 24/7 with bank level security. No one can move funds between/into or out of accounts, not even the account owner.
Recommendations on how to save within your monthly budget and next step recommendations for financial planning such as starting a rainy day fund and contributing to your IRA are also provided through your Mint account.
This program is just another option that benefits the millennium generation. Mint incorporates technology into financial planning by keeping you up to date on all your accounts all in one place. Mint does not take the place of a Financial Advisor; instead it is a first step toward financial awareness.
If you have children or grandchildren in their 20’s and 30’s we would be pleased to assist them in starting a financial plan with a complimentary discovery meeting. Just give me a call at 580.226.4058 and I will set up an appointment.
Kayla Tweedy

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